We carry many accessories to make your bike more functional, enjoyable and safe. 

See and Be Seen


Lights illuminate the road, and make you visible to the cars and bikes that you share the road with.  Today, we have an increasing number of light options, from small and inexpensive safety lights, to super powerful 900 lumen rechargeable lights. Whatever your needs and budget, we can find a light that will help to keep you safe and legal. 

All Locked Up

Few things feel as bad as having your bike stolen. That sinking feeling when you know that you parked your bike right there.... and it's gone. Properly using a good quality lock every time you park your bike will keep the thieves at bay. We highly recommend U-Locks or hardened steel chain locks, and using them to lock the frame of your bicycle to an appropriate bike rack. Secondary locks, such as a cable or locking skewers, should be used to secure the wheels, especially when the bike is parked outside at night or in a high risk place.

The Right Apparel Makes a Difference!

Wearing the proper clothing can make riding a bike considerable more enjoyable. A good pair of biking shorts can make or break a long ride. Bike jerseys wick away sweat, keeping you cool, and have strategic pockets for your keys, phone and a snack. Gloves protect and pad your hands, reducing numbness and discomfort. For road and mountain cyclists, clip in pedals systems increase efficiency and can help to prevent injuries. 

11881_A_1_Bontrager_TLR_Flash_Charger (1).jpg

Inflation: the Good Kind

Proper inflation is important for preventing flat tires, as well as extending the life of your tires. Most bikes need to be inflated at least once a month, and some as often as every week. An efficient pump with a gauge makes inflation easy and quick. For longer rides, consider carrying a flat repair pack. Most road and mountain bikers keep a small bag under the seat stocked with a mini pump or C02 inflater, spare tube, patch kit and tire levers-everything you need to change a flat on the side of the road or trail. We are always happy to make recommendations on pumps, show you how to use them, and determine the correct tire pressure for your bike.  

Visibility gear

Clothing and accessories designed to increase visibility are important to keep you safe as you ride, whether in town or out on the country roads. Apparel like jackets, jerseys, socks and helmets are now available in many bright colors designed to help you be seen. Many lights now have daylight flash settings; making you more noticeable especially in shadowed areas and times of deceased visibility. We would love to help you choose the perfect accessories to make your rides safe and enjoyable.


Protect your Most Valuable Asset

Bicycle helmets have come a long way in recent years. They are lighter, more adjustable and more comfortable than ever before. Safety advances such as MIPS and WaveCel protect your head better in a crash. Did you know that helmets are only safe for about three years after the time of purchase? As they age, the material in the helmet deteriorates and becomes brittle, losing the ability to crush correctly when impacted. If you have an older helmet, consider stopping by to see how much better a new helmet fits.

take it with you

Bags and baskets allow you to take the important stuff with you when you bike. For those who choose to bike for commute or around town transportation, bags make life easier. Need a place to put your keys and wallet? Take the laptop to work or class with you? Swing by the grocery store to pick up a few things? We have a bag or basket that is the perfect solution to your needs.